Investor Relations

Hello, my name is Lori. I'm the founder of CAASI, a hemp CBD-infused premium lifestyle product brand and we are currently raising funds for a seed round to take CAASI to the next level.

Our Platform

At CAASI, we offer premium and unique natural products like our Scalp & Skin Soother, work with ethical vendors that only use the best plant-based ingredients, and align ourselves with medical professionals and cannabis experts who vet and highly recommend our products, as well as collaborate with them to educate the public.


  • Unique products that offer us a first-mover advantage in Quality CBD Products Market

  • Reasonable price for premium quality and unique products

  • Natural and organic products for a healthier experience

  • Vetted and recommended by expert cannabis nurses


I am raising $500K with a minimum ticket size of USD $25k to take CAASI to the next level. These funds will be used for building a devoted sales and marketing team for B2C & B2B expansion, R&D for new innovative products and to own the formula for existing products that were made exclusively for our brand and scaling and distribution.

I am a cancer survivor that has benefited from the help of CBD. My 20+ year background as a product sourcing and marketing manager for Fortune 500 global fashion retail companies qualifies me to lead CAASI to success. I would also like to add that we were proud to recently be invited as juried exhibitor for LMCC (Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference) at Hudson Yards in NYC this May.

Here is a video for a better understanding of our company. Click here to view our Executive Summary and know more about our mission.

I am beyond excited about the opportunity for growth in this emerging industry, for CAASI and potentially the investment for you.

If it makes sense for us to talk, please reach out to me at I would love to get on a call or share our full deck.

Best Regards