How To Benefit From Full Spectrum Hemp Lotion + The Woman Behind Our Formula

There are so many delivery methods for hemp products and one we especially like is lotions. Topicals are transdermal and get absorbed through the skin into the muscle tissue. They do not get absorbed into the bloodstream, meaning if they contain THC, they will not get you high. A lot of our customers (not all) prefer not to feel high, and some worry about drug testing.  

There are different kinds of hemp extractions; isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum, which we discuss in our previous blog. Full spectrum hemp uses the whole plant, so the product is full of all the nutrients, terpenes, and cannabinoids, including up to 0.3% THC. We chose to have our CAASI Soothing Body Lotion made with full spectrum hemp because it provides the full entourage effect, without absorbing the very small, legal amount of THC into the bloodstream. To be clear, we are not opposed to people responsibly getting high. We love and respect the plant for all it’s qualities. Our business is focused on health and wellness, helping educate and breaking down the stigma surrounding the amazing plant that all of our products are formulated with.

Why Hemp Lotion?

There are so many topicals to choose from on the market, like salves, balms, roll on oils, massage oils, and bath bombs. Lotion is something most of us use on a daily basis. It’s different from other topicals because it offers a smooth soothing application, keeps skin moist and doesn’t leave an oily residue like some roll on oils and salves.

Who Made CAASI’s Hemp Lotion?

Jasmine Tran

One of our missions at CAASI is to provide natural products with non-toxic ingredients, so we went to Jasmine Tran, founder of Oregon Made CBD.

Jasmine worked as a formulator for a skincare lab before starting her own natural skincare business (separate from the Hemp business) here in Portland. Growing up in Vietnam, fresh ingredients using herbs to help enhance wellness was always a way of life for her, and still is. 

 Our criteria when we discussed what we wanted was a lotion that: 

    • applies with a smooth balanced texture
    • absorbs well and doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin
    • potent enough for the consumer to feel relief
    • uses full spectrum hemp
    • smells nice (not like menthol)
    • has a natural scent that would appeal to all genders

Jasmine completely nailed it, and that is how the CAASI Soothing Body Lotion came to be!

full spectrum hemp body lotion

Why It’s Special

We think CAASI Soothing Body Lotion is special and unique for many reasons. It has six essential oils and ingredients that offer anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin and muscles: Hemp, arnica, oakmoss, juniper berry,  and frankincense. It has 700 mg of hemp per 4oz bottle, it’s made with clean non-toxic ingredients, and also includes full spectrum hemp that was farmed using organic and biodynamic farming methods. The texture is smooth and has a luxurious application. It was created for spot treatments, but it’s safe to use all over! It has an amazing scent (if we do say so ourselves). We chose natural essential oils because synthetic scents can be endocrine disruptors. See the helpful chart that Jasmine put together to explain the benefits of essential oils vs. fragrance.

fragrance vs essential oils chart

For those that are new to cannabis, full spectrum hemp smells like...hemp, because none of the natural terpenes were extracted. We, and most of the others that have tried the product don’t mind the terpenes. So if you’re not sure how you feel about the smell of hemp, CAASI offers a trial size. The blend of essential oils with the hemp smells delightful, and blending them is one of Jasmine’s strengths. The top notes of the scent are hemp terpenes that dissipate quickly, which is then followed by the middle/heart notes, and finally, the base notes using the other essential oils that blend so nicely to make this a truly unique scent that smells amazing. 

What is Our Hemp Lotion Best Used For?

The lotion offers relief for sore muscles and muscle recovery after workouts. Our smaller trial packets are great for testing out the product before you commit to a full bottle. They’re also a great size to throw in your gym bag or for travel. 

If you’ve made it this far in the post, we hope you learned something new and you’re compelled to give us a try! Wishing you happy moisturizing and relaxed muscles!

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